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The ESI Contribution of School of Management in the Area of Social Sciences Ranks No.2 in HUST, the Citation Frequency of Three Scholars Ranks Top 5

According to the new statistical data of Essential Science Indicators on 7th, May 2015, the Social Sciences of HUST entered 1% of ESI the first time and reached to the world’s most advanced level. There are altogether 11 mainland universities enter ESI rankings, among which HUST ranks 10th.
Science and Technology Information Institution of School Library analysed the international papers signed HUST of social sciences from 2004 to 2014 and issued the report of “Contribution Ranking of Schools” based on the total citation frequency. School of Management owned 44 papers, which occupied 16.79% and lied behind School of Public Health, and ranked 2rd.
There are about 600 scholars take part in and 32 of them have published over 5 academic papers according to the report. Meanwhile, Professor Lu Yaobin of our School has published 11 articles in this area and ranks 3rd.
Moreover, the citation frequency of papers published by 24 scholars is over 40. Among the top five, papers signed School of Management are Lu Yaobin (128), Zhang Jinlong (102) and Deng Chaohua (94), which rank 2rd, 3rd and 5th respectively.

Release date:2015-05-20
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