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Organizational Structure

? Department of Production and Operations Management and Logistics Management
? Department of Management Science and Information Management
? Department of Business Administration
? Department of Accounting
? Department of Finance
? Department of Public Finance and Management
? Department of Technological Management and Intellectual Property

Research Institutions
? Centre for Strategic Studies of Ministry of Education-Center for Intellectual Property and Knowledge Innovation
? Humanities and Social sciences key research bases of Hubei Province-Modern Information Management Research Center
? Institution of South Asia Economics and Management of HUST
? Institution of Intellectual Property Strategy of HUST
? Research Center of Independent Innovation and Technology Rewards of HUST
? Finance Scholar-Online Workroom
? Institution of Public Finance
? Laboratory of Management Skill and Working Efficiency
? Institution of Management Science and Decision-making
? Institution of Management Information
? The Yellow Crane Institute of Modern Management.
? Institution of Integrated Management
? Institution of Instant Customization
? Institution of Financial Engineering
? Institution of Accounting
? Institution of Enterprise Evaluation
? Institution of Business Intelligence Engineering
? Institution of Human Resource Management
? Institution of Investment Decision-making and Management Consultation
? Institution of Network Marketing and Strategy
? Institution of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
? Institution of Modern Management.
? Institution of Sino-Germany Intellectual Property
? Scientific Institution of Modern Logistics and Service
? Center for China Public Housing Studies
? Institution of Poverty Reduction and Development of China (Southern)
? Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Center

Administrative Departments:
? General Administration Office
? Office of Discipline & Scientific Research
? Office of International Affairs e
? Office of Undergraduate Teaching Affairs
? Office of Postgraduate Teaching Affairs
? Office of Student Affairs
? Alumni Office
? MBA Education Center
? EMBA Education Center
? MPAcc Education Center
? Executive Training Center
? Information & Experiment Centre
? Anheuser-Busch Library
? Editorial Office of Chinese Journal of Management

Release date:2015-05-01
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