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Vision & Mission

  The mission of the School is: To explore management knowledge, educate management elite and promote social development from a global perspective.

  In the School’s 32-year history the mission has changed twice. Initially, the School’s mission was “to cultivate qualified economy management talents for Chinese economic development”. In 1999 at its 20th anniversary, and taking into account its new ranking in the top 10 of China business institutes, the School changed its mission as “To be a national topflight and world renowned business administration institution.” Around its 30th anniversary in 2009, the Institution redefined its mission to include a new global orientation, defined by the following points:

  To establish a strategy from a global perspective: to make a development plan from a global perspective, to establish targets for professional development, academic research and social service on the basis of international standards, and to improve and innovate the operation mode of the School toward such targets.

  To explore advanced frontline management knowledge: the School commits itself to deepening the understanding of general management activities and the management practice in China-specific situations, to enriching the management knowledge system, the management methods and management technology systems, and to promoting research in the management field.

  To develop professional managers with the ability to cope with future challenges in management: the School aims to consistently apply original frontline management knowledge to develop organization leaders and management elite with the ability to guide social economic transformation and to cope with future challenges.

  To boost social progress:The key mission of the School is to boost social progress by originating and innovating management knowledge, developing suitably equipped management professionals, and providing outstanding service to society.

  The vision of the School is to create a topflight internationally prestigious China management school taking a leading position in the central western areas of the nation. There are two steps to approach such vision: to develop into a topflight China business school by 2020, and into an internationally recognized business institution by 2035.

Release date:2015-05-01
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